​About Our Company

We here at New Orleans Fencing Company are dedicated to and driven to helping you uphold one of the most important principles: your property rights. Whether it’s for home protection, privacy or to create a safe environment for your pet and children, fences are important for your property. Safety and privacy are always something you should take seriously, both at your home or commercial property. We are the fence company that understands this, and that’s why we are so driven to provide, and protect, this right for all those living in ​Kenner, Metairie, New Orleans,  or other places in he greater New Orleans area. You can always be sure your home and business are secure with our help and our very select partners.

 A good fence can do a lot more than people realize. It can be about more than just protection and privacy. A good fence can be part of the curb appeal of your home and be something aesthetically pleasing. It can ensure the safety of your children. It can drown out all the stresses and distractions of the outside world. A good fence can do it all, really. We can help you make sure that your fence is a good one, whether is as a result of installation of a new one or repairing your current one, we provide the most comprehensive range of fencing services, working with almost any material you can think of. You have to don’t to wait, see what we can do you, and your property, for today. So, when can we get started?